Have a faith that God won't send you anything you're incapable of handling. You can decode that the word fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling that can't out of mouth.... to others.

Went on to watch Season of the Witch with Zhipeng... hee... but I dun really understand the talking abt the book of Solomon. when I check the bible, there isn't any menion of it. so weird.. anyway... I am curious of something else. The darkest days, Dark crusade. Maybe I can find out more of it.. :) jus to understand more..

Anyway... I dun really feel like staying at home nowaday, I cant feel the word home in my mind. haiz.. with everyday of complaint here and there. I jus dunno what my grandmother is thinking about. she always like to see the -ve side of people. I cannot tok to her, cos she dun wanna listen. how I wish there is someone to enlight her to think a better way and not tok about others people. I think it is not right . worse of all, she even want to interrupt with my father and cousin's work. weird rite? I think it is because she is the eldest in the family and she tot that she can control everything and everyone is under her. please. if there will be some1 to tell her what is right and wrong and she is able to listen, I will be very happy.

I still haven find school to coach, Which I really hope to have at least 1 for this year. Jus hope that I can find it and pray to Father God.

I am happy to say that it passed 18 day of kicking my bad habit and there is long way to go... I muz work hard on it... I believe that slowly I will be able to kick away all my ad habit. :D so leet's do it step by step. :)

lastly, something to share, for those (if there is any) ;p

-my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; for their feet rush into sin, they swift to shed blood. proverbs 1:15-16

telling us not to follow the way of sin, sin will in time destory themselves. If we follow the way of sin we will also destorying ourselves and our future. Think about people who you really care, about people who care about you. They don't wan to see you suffer, and I believe you also wun wanna make them sad and suffer becos of u.. :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I saw this little note when I am clearing my room.. haha... CNY coming.. spring cleaning in progress.

Anyway, this is the content of the note:

逃避不一定躲得过 面对不一定最难受
孤独不一定不快乐 得到不一定能长久
失去不一定不再有 转身不一定最软弱

你能找个理由难过 也一定能找到快乐
懂得放心的人 找到轻松
懂得遗忘的人 找到自由
懂得关怀的人 找到朋友
天冷不是冷 心寒才是寒

Meaningful content if you get to understand what it said, and I think this note I had kept it since my secondary school times..

Cheer {=^.^=}

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Blogging~~

Finally I am back here, a fresh new start this year. 2010 is a tough year, so many things happened.. I jus hope that 2011 will be a nice and great year for me.

Anyway, Just a short post to start off. hope that everyday I can post in. hahaha...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009




Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me (2)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I am here again...
hmm... today end so fast... :p

Ok... la.... I do celebrated my Bday myself.. and I am ok with it... hahaha.. How do I celebrate? let see~~~

Morning I went to gym.. hahahha... then off to buy myself my present... 1 of it is pictureal of S.H.E and a guitar book... lol.. love it... :)

then off to Mt Faber park... to take some photo.. hehe... still processing.. so wun post it here yet... once I finish editing it.. I will post here.. :) brought ah ma lunch on the back home... then watch CNY de bai wan da ge xin.. wahhaha.. nice and funny lor... bright up my days.. always~~~ :) then also... our home new frig is here.. finally... the old 1 die off... :)

O ya... I pray myself a Bday song... hehe.. the book I brought.. the 1st song is Birthday song.. haha... I think it muz be God.. when I saw that book.. and saw that 1st song.. I brought it.. :p maybe someday I will post it up also.. lol

Jus now went to class... exam coming soon.. muz jia you lioa... and is funny jus now lor... hahaha.... we suppose to go there for some purpose.. but in the end.. the head of our course was in the room.. we end up not doing sth we actually suposed to do.. till the leaturer 'dismiss' us.. hahaha.. after the VIP gone... all of us went back to the classroom again... wahahhahahaha... so funny lor.. hehee...

ok la.. end this special day with a BIG blessing.. Thx God.. :) and Pray that Peace will be present for the world!!


Happy Birthday to me...

hehe... today mark a very special day for me... hmm.. is it my birthday day~~~ yappy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ altot I may be celebrating it myself but I am happy that I have some1 to be with me always. I thx all who wish me.. and I bless all who wished me.. :) for those dun.. I also blessed them.. :D

haha.... and I got so many wish lor.. hmm.. list down later.. anyway... sunday 4gotten to share what I had learn... :) We learn abt promise on Sunday.. Promise that is given by God.. :) He will not forget about us.. and He always promise sth good to us... especially when we go things of his will... But we got to remember.. hmm.... We got to do the right things... Promis do not come in term of $$ but in a lot of form.. for me.. I think God given me a lot of happiness.. :) even in bad time... I believe that I should be happy.. becos... Those thing that turn out bad is always benefits me.. they always let me learn a lot of things which I dun have the chance to learn...

Always look thik is a positive way.. we know that thing always have 2 sides... and if we always bother abt the negative side.. how can we be happy? rite? so... let us all look at the positive side... Thinks God for all things that happen on us... no mater good or bad.. cos they are always a blessing from Him.. :)

Human in natural is good... so we should continue to do it... :)

I also realise that... I do can choose my life... I cannot always stay in the comfort zone.. I got to get out to find my own life.. :) I got to face the difficults... I will stand firm with my God who always with me and I will be able to face all fears.. :)

here is my wish for my Birthday:

1. I wanna always be with God.
2. A happy family.... with everyone healthy and happy...
3. I hope I can open up and know more pple.. :P maybe at least to some1 special *still loooking for her*
4. I wanna improve in my wushu. especially my coaching style... (I do wish I can get the instructor cert asap)
5. I wanna study harder.. Gambatte.~~~
6. Improve in my guitar so that I can lead my cell group in worshipping.. hehee... (some1 help me with this.. thx.. :p)
7. I wanna get rip of all the sinful things I had gone and still doing... I wanna cut off with it.. and live a peaceful life.
8. I wanna World peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all nations can solve things throught calm and nice talking. dun 动不动就war and fighting~~~
9. All nations who affected by nature disaster and others factors that affected the pple there... I pray that all will come to an end and peace and happiness will be staying forever..
10. Pray that Singapore will be always blessed by God.

We have the abilities (everyone od us) to make a different for the world. We jus gif a little caring and love everyday. and 世界会变得更美好!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Found that wushu is not onli abt wushu... it got a lot of things in it.... gif some example... on how we jump... pple got this mindset of using legs la.... wahahhaha.... I also lidat... but.. last wk when I attend gym training.. then I realise that.. it is not onli the leg that is used for jumping.. it also include the kua... hehehhe... happy rite.. but i try to experiment it... very hard to do on xuan feng tui... sob sob.... my most dun like move.. haiz... jia you ba..

Today church taught abt Humilities... hehe.. got to keep re0reading it.. but I got this very meaningful thing that wanna share... is it to "Not to complaint and argue... even things is against us. :)" cos we will learn sth in the end... complainting wun help.. cos in the end we are the 1 suffering from that.. why not think is another angle... keep in mind that we care born a loving person and not a bad person... if we keep thinking positively on anything we are doing.. U will feel good.

dun wait.. do it NOW.. start thinking positively!!!

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, Philippians 2:14-15